Thursday, October 20, 2011


This is a detour of the river, and also of painting style.  I ran out of time today due to other events, so this painting will be rephotographed tomorrow, maybe with a few small changes.  So it's sort of in progress...
Update on the 21st:  This painting will stay as it is.  It was done as an experiment on a cheaper grade of paper, and it is still wrinkled this morning, even though it's part of a block!  Normally I've been using a very good grade of printmaking paper, a heavy Rives BFK.  It makes an excellent surface for acrylics, if you first apply a matte gel medium.  Sometimes I tint the medium, to make sure it has covered the painting area. The initial gel medium layer seems to prevent that chalky look you can get with acrylics on paper.