Monday, March 19, 2012

#176 Monotype Detail with Inks

Warning: acrylic monotype nerdiness follows...
In working with acrylic monotypes, I have recently tried printing with open acrylics onto: dry printmaking paper /  hand burnished; wet printmaking paper / hand burnished; wet printmaking paper run through a press; hand burnished dried printmaking paper that had been previously wet and blotted to remove the paper sizing.  And then to add some definition and value definition, I have tried ink pens, acrylic washes, and colored ink on the print.
What you see above is my favorite variation so far: open acrylics hand burnished onto dry paper (doesn't  seem to matter if it has been soaked and blotted first), with colored ink (but not black).  The open acrylics blend too much on wet paper, and acrylic washes can add an unpleasant sheen. Black ink seems to not play well with others, but maybe someone else can get it to do so!  Also, maybe someone could carefully use transparent primary color acrylics in thin washes- I used non-transparent colors.