Thursday, April 19, 2012

#201 Extreme Scarp

This blog seems to be partly about art materials.  I tried the Holbein acrylic gouache, and my old traditional gouache tubes of yore, and this is my report from the front:  The white acrylic gouache is wimpy and it's probably better to mask a white area, or use white opaque ink, or gesso.  The acrylic gouache dries to a nice matte surface that does not need a fixative, so a big yay on that.  It also doesn't crack and you can use it on many materials. The traditional gouache is harder to use, because it has a fragile, water soluble surface, but... then on the palette it can be rehydrated and there is less waste of paint. Overall, I like the look of both, and they can be mixed with other water media... you'll have to decide if you need fixative.  (this has been a public service announcement!)